Entre chien et loup…

Literally translates as ‘between dog and wolf.’  I’m taking my title from an exhibition at the V&A in London in 2006, but the simple translation of ‘entre chien et loup’ is twilight – the moment when the sun hits the edge of the horizon. In photography terms it’s often what photographers call the ‘magic light.’

I also like Naked Translation’s site description: when the light is so dim you can’t distinguish a dog from a wolf. It also expresses that limit between the familiar, the comfortable versus the unknown and the dangerous (or between the domestic and the wild). It is an uncertain threshold between hope and fear.

I want a place to promote film in a world that continues to move more towards digital. While I may be old school in my love of film I find so many photographers I meet continue to use film for their ‘artistic projects.’  There is something about working with film and the quality of the print that can’t be reproduced in digital.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-digital – I’ve certainly seen beautiful work done with digital. After all it’s not about the technology, it’s about seeing and expressing that vision regardless of the medium.

I’ve been photographing the world since I received my first Kodak instamatic as a child.  In high school I moved on to a Konica T-3 when I started taking darkroom classes and learned how to develop and print my own work.  Now I shoot mostly with Nikons for 35mm (F100 and F2 for night photography) and a Mamiya for medium format work. I’ve also recently picked up a Holga that I like to play with as well. I currently live in Los Angeles.

I love:

Walking through mossy forests in my wellies on soft days in Ireland.

Sitting in a café with an espresso after wandering through the streets of Paris.

The smell of night jasmine and driving through LA’s canyons on a warm summer night.

Watching the sunrise on a beach anywhere – it reminds me that every day is a new day.

Practicing yoga in studios around the world.

Italian espresso, Irish whiskey, French cheese, German architecture.



  1. How about coming to practice Yoga in Israel? There’s a blend here of everything you mentioned above,particularly Bauhus…enjoy this blog and will be happy to visit again

  2. Yep. I love the look I get with my medium format film cameras, especially the Holgas. Digital and film both have their places, but I do love the Holga look.

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