Posted by: mcshanphoto | 30/05/2011

Goodbye LA, Hello Bay Area

This blog has been quiet for awhile…and for good reason.  I’ve recently made a huge life change by moving from Los Angeles, CA to Oakland, CA (in the San Francisco Bay Area) for a new job.   For the past 6 weeks or so instead of thinking about photography and the creative process I have been consumed with packing, moving and unpacking.  Now that I’m mostly settled I’m looking forward to taking my cameras out and exploring the area.

It’s not my first time up here – I’ve moved back to a place that has many memories for me because I went to college nearby (awhile ago). It was during college that I really embraced photography by taking more classes and even doing my first professional job photographing bands at the New Music Seminar in NYC one summer.  It’s funny to look at those contact sheets because I can truly see those first steps I was taking in using my camera and focusing on those subjects that made me want to photograph in the first place.

Change is good…and my new adventure has just begun.

My favorite corner seat at my favorite cafe in Los Angeles (Intelligentsia, Silver Lake)

Sun through the trees on the UC Berkeley campus



  1. Nice to see you again and wishing you happiness….Yael

    • Thank you Yael. Hope you are well. This move has been very good so far…how is your proposed move plan going?

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