Posted by: mcshanphoto | 24/01/2011

Puerto Vallarta in Black and White – City Scenes

Some of my black and white shots from Puerto Vallarta – All Holga 120, All Ilford HP5:

PV Door 1

PV Sun behind the steeple

PV Alley

PV Door 2



  1. Do you have a favorite B&W film you always use for Holgas? I’m trying different stuff on for size. I like the Tri-x and developing it myself with D-76, but I don’t see a whole heck of a lot of difference between it and the other stuff I’ve used. The tri-x seems a little grainier, but it only shows itself in bigger enlargements anyways. At least so far… I just got a batch of Fuji Acros 100 because it was on sale. The scientist in me says test and compare. The Holga guy says “Close enough, the photos look great!”

  2. Hey Dave…I’m still experimenting with B&W films. I often use Ilford HP5 because it’s one of my fave films in general. I’ve also gotten some good results using Ilford XP2. Let me know how the Fuji Acros 100 works. I’m not developing my own film these days (printing was always my favorite part anyway), but the place that does my developing (Freestyle) has a great selection of Holgas and a lot of the people that work there are total Holga geeks. One was just telling me about some long exposure stuff she did. I may ask them to pick out a film randomly for me to try next!

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