Posted by: mcshanphoto | 12/01/2011

Peace and Love and Other Sh**

(c) Cathy Altman

My cousin Cathy sent me the above photo she took on a recent trip to Tel Aviv over the holidays. What I love about this graffiti is its total irreverence, especially because sometimes I get so caught up at this time of the year with reflecting on the past year and setting my intentions for the coming year that it’s easy to forget about ‘the other shit.’

I spent the first week or so of 2011 doing a detox after spending 5 wonderful days in Mexico (much gratitude to some wonderful, generous friends) where I ate and drank very well.   I also signed up for Yoga Journal’s 21 Day yoga challenge, which isn’t too difficult for me since I have a regular practice. I know though the start of the new year can’t be all about abstinence, detox, and penance for my holiday excesses – it’s also about letting go and having fun.  My dear friend Clare said it best on her FB update: the yoga challenge is a challenge, but it’s not a resolution.  Her resolution is about drinking more and general debauchery (said with a wink, of course).  To me that’s exactly what that graffiti in the photo is expressing as well.  Yes, we want peace in the world, love for all beings – and ourselves – but at some point we need to be a little more relaxed and embrace all that other shit.  Whatever that other shit means to you.  I know I’m looking forward to my first Mexican coffee (kahlua and coffee) once I’m done shedding my remnants of 2010.



  1. Great!
    Yes, embracing the shit with the rest, that just about sums it up! Loved this post, and hey I know where that was taken! Near what was once my home in Tel Aviv….
    Love Yael

  2. Thanks Yael (as always)…and I figured you would probably know where this was in Tel Aviv! I have this photo as my screen saver now. xo

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