Posted by: mcshanphoto | 05/11/2010

Getting unstuck thanks to yoga

Once again I find myself trying to get out of a creative rut, having let other things in my life preoccupy me and suck out any creative juices I’ve entertained.  I finally picked up one of my cameras the other day so hopefully I will have some new work to develop and share.  What was it that finally motivated me?

I don’t always think about the association between my yoga practice and my photography, but there’s definitely a connection there in terms of letting myself be open – to experiences, to inspiration, to seeing something in a different light. Doing a heart-opening practice is the physical manifestation of also opening myself up mentally and emotionally. The yoga practice of Svadhyaya (one of the niyamas) translates to self-study or self-reflection.  As Rolf Gates says: a part of Svadhyaya is to be open to inspiration where you find it.

So was it any coincidence that I came upon Bindu Wiles’ blog post that featured some of her photographs of doors along with a quote that I loved.  I’ve always been attracted to doors, windows, archways, etc. and so I took to heart the quote that started: “Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go.’

It was then I picked up my camera and gravitated back to those objects that have inspired me in the past.  Not sure what those photographs will look like, but the fact I got back to the work of creating can only be a good thing.


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