Posted by: mcshanphoto | 15/09/2010

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

I’m not sure who exactly came up with the above quote – even a search on the world wide web didn’t provide consensus on this one – but maybe that’s because those words have been uttered in many variations throughout the centuries.

Those of us on the creative path know how hard it is sometimes to acknowledge our creativity and share our work.  I’ve always admired – and am inspired by – those artists/creative individuals who listen to their own voice and don’t back away.  They’re not afraid of putting it out there and don’t necessarily care what others think.  They may be labeled iconoclasts, eccentrics, freaks…but regardless, in the end they stay true to their vision.  Sometimes they eventually are accepted by mainstream – and sometimes they aren’t appreciated until many years after they have passed away.

Once again I entered the International Photography Awards and said a little prayer as I hit the send button. This year’s entries spanned 103 countries worldwide with approximately 15,000 submissions.  That’s a lot of photos to sort through, and I feel humbled and honored that two of my photographs were given Honorable Mention in three different categories in the Non-Professional designation.

Fine Art : Landscape, Nature : Seasons

Special : Travel/Tourism

It would be easy to give into the fear and create work that no one else sees but ourselves, but then we’d be doing a dis-service to the rest of the creative world.  Take a deep breath and put it out there.



  1. Congratulations Shannon!! I love these pictures…best Yael

    • Thanks as always for your support Yael.

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